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Assistance with provisional and definition of deliveries

A technical advisor provides independent advice on the completion of renovations and new construction projects. In order not to take any risks on later costs, it is best to take a technical advisor with you to the provisional acceptance. Let an expert assist you in drawing up the delivery report.

At that moment the acceptance of the works and the transfer of the house or apartmentto the buyer a fact...even if you haven't made your payments in full yet. 

It is therefore important to include the visible defects as completely as possible in a provisional acceptance report! You may not have sufficient technical knowledge of construction activities, and therefore assistance from VG Expert is a certain added value.

Preliminary site visits and advice 

It is very important during the construction process to do multiple checks, so that the pto note corrective errors for comparisoncalibration with the construction plans and versions.
This can also be done with the assistance of a construction expert.

Most buyers have absolutely no idea of what awaits them and rely on the expertise of the contractor and architect... but from my experience it is often different. I certainly recommend that you also be assisted by a construction expert during this process.


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