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Who arranges EPB at turnkey?



Homes in 2014 must comply with the EPB decree.

When you have your house built turnkey,

you don't have to worry about the EPB declaration.

At least when it comes to a fully finished house.

The situation is more complex with a windproof structural work.



EPB stands for 'Energy Performance and Indoor Climate'. A home must achieve a certain level of thermal insulation, energy performance (insulation, energy-efficient heating installation, ventilation, etc.) and a healthy indoor climate. The EPB regulations have been imposed by the Flemish Government and want to reduce the energy consumption of families. EPB sets requirements for new-build homes and major renovations.

In principle, the applicant for the urban development permit or notification is the person responsible for reporting and is responsible for meeting the EPB requirements, appointing the reporter and following the procedure. When you build with a turnkey firm, you have two options on how to achieve the EPB.

Breyne Act: EPB in the name of the construction company

When you build under the Breyne Act, which applies to turnkey, the urban planning permit remains in the name of the client, but the declaration obligation lies with the contractor. In this context, the client is the sole owner in the context of EPB and can still receive a premium or a reduction in the AI if the results are good.

This means that the construction company is responsible for meeting the required EPB requirements. The construction company appoints the reporter and ensures that the EPB declaration is submitted no later than six months after the house has been taken into use as proof that the house complies. The energy performance certificate is delivered to the buyer. As a buyer, you are not obliged to receive a copy of the official EPB declaration, but it is advisable to request this document.

No Breyne Law?

If the contractor delivers a rain- and windproof house, and the Breyne Act does not apply, the client remains obliged to declare. The construction company provides an interim report on delivery with the necessary supporting documents so that the EPB declaration can be drawn up after further completion by the client. The construction company is responsible for the works it carries out and the private individual for his works.

After completion of the windproof shell, you can choose to continue with the same reporter or to appoint a new reporter. The first option will always be the cheapest, since no volumes and surfaces have to be worked out twice. In any case, the EPB declaration must be submitted 6 months after the housing unit has been taken into use.

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