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Since when are you the builder and owner?



You pay in installments and request additional work from the contractor or building promoter/project developer

Please bear in mind that by law breyne with key on the door ... and from you make payments in installments and also additional work (as client) gives an assignment to the contractor or building promoter ... you will then already be seen as the client and to be owner.


(e.g. choose a larger kitchen or more expensive floors and have them installed, etc.)


You then have more rights, including, for example, requesting multiple site visits, etc.

You pay at the end at the notary

Then you will only receive the keys once the deed has been signed by both/all parties at the notary!

Please note ... if a provisional delivery takes place in advancetand PV (Process-verbal of provisional delivery) has been signed by both parties ... has the transfer actually already taken place and the contractor is no longer responsible for this house or apartment from then on.

So... only then are you already the owner of this house or apartment from here... even if you still have to pay after signing the deed!

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