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Everyone makes mistakes in the construction industry, and the question is... what does the contractor do with them and how is he going to solve them?

Covering up or avoiding construction errors cannot and should not be the intention here, the contractor must take responsibility for this, and try to solve the problems before it is too late "that's the message". I also often notice that the project managers follow up their sites far too little, as a result of which the construction errors are too late or even not noticed!


There are also project leaders and site managers who have too little experience of construction in progress and this according to the rule of the art. Planning of the total construction works in their order of execution are often also a major problem, as a result of which preparatory work is forgotten and lost sight of, of course with the known consequences.


Contractors also often avoid confrontations and even involve the client far too little or not at all in the construction process, the less they see or notice " let alone take pictures ", the less burden the contractor has for later discussions and the better for their wallet, they must be able to admit that mistakes have been made and how they are going to approach and solve this? The client always has the right to request multiple site visits from the contractor for residential construction, and they must  allow under  supervision with a project manager or another authorized person of the contractor, and this if safety allows access to the construction works. 1 or no site visit during the entire construction process according to their sales agreement is therefore unacceptable and not legally valid!

With apartment construction it is a bit different.... here people talk about common parts, and for safety reasons it is not allowed to enter this during the construction works. Private sharing only includes in your apartment from the inner cavity wall (interior walls). Exterior insulation/brick/terraces/elevator/garage/staircase/entrance hall and access to your apartment therefore belong to the common parts. But you can and may always ask if it is safe to view your apartment, and this after the structural works (windproof)!

Errors in construction are always extra costs that the contractor does not like, and it should not be the intention that they try to laugh away the problems and pretend they do not exist, often I am also told that against the builders are sometimes told that they know nothing about it and better keep their mouths shut...." is unacceptable! ". I know they are under pressure from their employer to meet the deadlines and profits, but the builders should never be the victims of this!

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