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As a client you often have too little knowledge of the matter to check whether the contractor

the turnkey company has correctly executed the contract. Assistance from VG Expert  Bee

provisional and final delivery of a house or apartment is important. So that the house is exactly

is delivered as it should be, to detect errors or defects, to get extras out of the fire

to compensate for exceeding delivery times, it is best to call on VG  Expert.

We can assist you with this provisional delivery to  better protect this.


The handover is the procedure of acceptance of construction works or renovation works.


Provisional delivery.

The provisional acceptance is a very important moment in the construction process,  it comes down to the inspection and acceptance of the works. Upon approval of the provisional acceptance, the keys are handed over and the transfer of ownership is effected  to builder.

During the preliminary  After completion, you view the entire house together with the VG Expert and contractor(s) and the architect and note any technical imperfections and shortcomings. Of course, this requires the necessary technical knowledge, but you can rely on a construction expert for that. Assistance during delivery is part of his statutory audit obligation. 

If you sign a preliminary acceptance report, this means that you agree to the acceptance of all visible construction defects. In other words, errors that are visible  are irrevocably accepted if the report of provisional acceptance is signed without reservation or comments.

After delivery, you can no longer demand repair of visible defects for which you have not made any reservations in the delivery report.

If you accept the delivery, it means for the contractor that his work is done. You can then no longer claim compensation for delays for the period from delivery. The contractor may also make his final invoice. You may withhold part of the payment if the contractor still has to arrange something, but the amount you withhold must be in proportion to the value of the work still to be performed.

Final delivery.

The final acceptance will take place one year after the provisional acceptance. It does not necessarily have to be a document, the final acceptance is automatically acquired if no comments are formulated.

Only hidden defects can be formulated as a comment. Hidden defects are defects that were not visible at the time of the provisional acceptance, but became apparent within one year of the provisional acceptance. For instance;  stability problems, cracks in walls or floors, moisture infiltration, etc....

tacit delivery

If you move to your new home without reporting any defects, this will be regarded as tacit acceptance, in other words as acceptance of the situation as it exists at the time of the move.

NB! You should  definitely avoid a tacit delivery!

Finally, the work of the architect must also be delivered. In practice, this rarely happens via a separate delivery. If you have any comments about the work that the architect has delivered, it is best to include them in the delivery report that is made to assess the work of the contractor(s).

A skilled construction expert is the right person to assist you  about the delivery procedure,  thanks to his many years of experience in the construction world, he is the right partner to represent your interests.


We are the right partner to provide you with correct advice regarding the delivery procedure, to safeguard your rights and obligations and to point out possible pitfalls.

VG Expert can assist you  with this provisional delivery to you  better protect this.

Would you like to make an appointment or receive more information?  0472/59.18.98 .


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