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The Law Breyne

Part 4


Price revision is only possible if this has been contractually provided for. In addition, the review must meet the following conditions:

• only the price of the building or, where applicable, of the renovation or extension works, is subject to revision;

• this price is subject to revision for a maximum of 80%;

• the revision can only be made in function of fluctuations in wages and social security charges on the one hand and fluctuations in the prices of materials, raw materials or products used in the construction industry on the other;

• the revision due to fluctuations in wages and social security charges may relate to a maximum of 50% of the price of the building;

• the revisions must be calculated on the basis of the last recorded fluctuations before the start of the works to which the partial payment requested relates.

• The initial parameters to be taken into account are those valid on the day of signature of the contract and not those valid when the offer is submitted. Sanction: any conflicting clause is considered unwritten.

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