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Discussions with settlements and postponed works!

And this especially at top companies in the highest class...7 and 8!

Far too often there are discussions about whether or not payment is justified (final invoice).


Each time, the contractor or building promoter abuses the situation to force delivery and demand the full sum... whereby the entire work has not even been delivered/executed and completed.


I notice that the buyers at is often pushed with their backs against the wall by contractors or property developers because they deliver the homes much too late than what they had previously promised, and the buyers have to leave their current home or rental property.

Each time I have to take steps with the buyers' approval to enforce delivery, because they refuse this with the notification (and this in advance and often by email...) "If the full payment of all outstanding amounts has not been paid before the provisional acceptance... the provisional acceptance will not take place... all payments must be made before we start delivering!"

Is not true...

"I will then respond with an email below..."

Dear sir.....,


May I point out the following...


If you request a provisional acceptance, it is assumed that all works have been carried out, including the common parts.


You may of course deliver the private parts earlier if the common parts have not yet been delivered even provisionally... and access to the private parts is possible under certain conditions...


  1. Access to the common areas (floors) must be... and access must be safely accessible.

  2. The stairs must be safe and the handrails must be present.

  3. The lift must be inspected and put into service.

  4. Fire safety must have been inspected and the control box in the entrance hall must be active and not out of service... otherwise there is no coverage via the VME fire insurance policy upon transfer of the private parts if a fire breaks out, and a causal link can be established with the fire safety. 

You are also obliged to follow the Breyne Act and BW.Art.14 and you cannot/may not violate them.


I note the following... you request full payment before delivery takes place... is not correct and according to legislation.... read more below!


Payments in installments

 Art. 10  -"The balance of the price of the works is only payable in parts from the day of the execution of the authentic deed; the partial payments may not exceed the price of the works carried out! This Art.10 is very clear... and also applies if a provisional acceptance is requested, and this even before the completion of all work, including common parts, and both parties agree to deliver if entry into the home is possible... even if the entire work has not yet been completed... one may therefore not claim full payment!"


BW. Art.14 "Anyone who directly or indirectly violates the provisions of Article 10 by demanding or accepting payments shall be punished with imprisonment of eight days to one month and a fine."


The building promoter/contractor cannot therefore delay delivery with impunity. "For the buyers..."You can therefore deduct the price of the works NOT carried out from your last partial payment, including for communal parts.”


If delivery is requested by the building promoter/contractor and both parties have agreed to it, this can no longer be refused on either side... unless the buyers/construction expert determines during the provisional delivery that there are construction defects that are of a constructive nature which makes entry and normal use of this property impossible, and we can still refuse this delivery,and if a construction expert is present... even the buyers have the right... to deduct his costs from your final invoice because the provisional acceptance could not take place!


"I think this is very clear!"


If you still persist in claiming full payments and this in the case of deferred works/deferred payments (and that also includes the common parts) and refuses to deliver a provisional acceptance report signed by both parties with all visible comments, as well as refuses to hand over the keys...we are forced to call in a bailiff and a locksmith...These additional costs that the owners have to incur unforeseen will therefore be deducted from your final invoice as well as the longer duration than expected to complete delivery if a construction expert is present.


Unfortunately, I have had to apply this several times in the past at other companies below class 7/8. The bailiff will draw up a PV here, and there will be an extra tour with the bailiff during which all visible and extra visible comments will be noted in the PV including photos, and the bailiff will supervise this during the change of cylinder at the entrance door of the apartment. /home and also take photos and mention them in his PV. You are also obliged to immediately hand over all keys that provide access to the building, including access to the underground parking...If you do not do this, the appointed lawyer will have this requested through the court in an urgent procedure with a penalty per day and additional costs. 


After these forced entries into the home, you are also obliged to resolve all observations of visible defects within a reasonable period, which will be set at a maximum of 60 working days... except for matters that remain unanswered during the provisional acceptance and after this entry. must be determined and ordered... no deadline can be set for this... but it must be carried out within one year... if not, the final delivery will be postponed until everything has been resolved! In addition, the private parts can only be finally delivered after the common parts have been finally delivered!


I am asking the bailiff (I also pass this on to my customer) to be on standby on 18.12.2023 (provisional acceptance has been requested on this date) as well as the locksmith. 


This is legal and legally cannot change that! But I hope it doesn't have to come to this...stick to the legislation of the Breyne Act! 


Also, and this according to data from a third party that I have received but has not yet been confirmed... it appears that you have already delivered several apartments and the have demanded full payments that are contrary to the Breyne Act and BW.Art.14... if a bailiff has to act for my customer, we will undoubtedly have this determined and included in his PV.


May I also remind you that every buyer has the right to have notes made in the PV of provisional delivery... and may have things noted down subject to conditions... you may not and cannot refuse this!


I have already given my client a complete update on what her rights are but also her obligations (including your rights and obligations). All assessments of comments must be done correctly according to the maximum permitted deviations...the standards and distances of client is aware of this and will be further explained how to assess.


Hoping for a correct handling of a provisional delivery...


Kind regards


Noël Van Goethem

VG Expert - Construction expert

Blokstraat 92/bus 30 

T: 0472/59.18.98

"I'll respond again....."


Dear sir...,


I just heard from my customer that in case of disputes you refer to the signed agreementarrival.


May I point out that if an agreement has not been drawn up in accordance with the legislation of the Breyne Act and the Dutch Civil Code... this is considered unwritten and the buyers themselves have the right to request a cancellation of the sale... unfortunately I already have that in  have to apply the past in collaboration with a lawyer.


Also in the event of possible intervention by a notary... this is allowedeven the notary will not allow the execution of the deed if it contains contradictions that have not been applied in accordance with the legislation! 


Also with a penalty clause, the amount per calendar day must correspond to the rental value of a house or apartment per month... even if this is described differently in your agreement, which is usually counted at €20 to €25 per calendar day. 


You cannot and may not circumvent the legislation... you have to adhere to it... even if the buyer has signed your agreement!


I think that is very clear to you!


Kind regards

Noël Van Goethem

VG Expert - Construction expert


Blokstraat 92/bus 30 

T: 0472/59.18.98





Contractor responds...



I will pass the following on to our counsel and will get back to you.


Kind regards,



"I respond to that….”



You may do that, and I even recommend that you do so...others have already done this...with the answer that mr. Van Goethem Noël is right.


Kind regards

Noël Van Goethem

VG Expert - Construction expert


Blokstraat 92/bus 30 

T: 0472/59.18.98

Contractor responds to my customer....

Dear Ms......,

For the avoidance of doubt: the purpose of the provisional acceptance is to make a normally habitable home available to the buyer, whereby any imperfections will be identified adversarially. It cannot be denied that the apartment in question is in a normally habitable condition.


N.a.v. provisional acceptance, the buyer meets the final payment term.


Art 10 of the Housing Act states that partial payments may not exceed the price of the work carried out.  Art. 10 of the Housing Act therefore only applies to goods and materials that have not yet been delivered/installed/exported.  Payments must be made if comments are made on the work carried out for all delivered goods/materials!(Here they finally admit that the full payment should not be claimed)


It is true that the splashback in the kitchen has not yet been installed, but the cost price is €397.80. That's the only material not delivered! This amount of €397.80 is therefore not in proportion to the payment of €7,907.60 that has not been made to date.(Here they forget...that the common parts are also included, these works are not completed at all!)


In order to resolve this matter in a constructive atmosphere, we invite you to proceed with provisional acceptance on 18/12 e.k. at 12 noon. at noon upon payment of the balance of the price and release of the deposit.


We hope to be able to proceed with a provisional delivery with you and with a positive and solution-oriented attitude. 

In the negative case, I fear that, with great regret, we will have to take the procedural route. We hope to avoid this together with you.(Here they start threatening again...and now...with a possible procedure...."and I burst out laughing"...and here we respond again to his stupid statement...because he forgets that they are at fault and not my customer! And not a single contractor/construction promoter has yet gone to court for this... because they know they will lose this, and the excessive costs of a lawsuit are not worth it doing).


Kind regards,

After our response to the above answer from dhe contractor...the contractor responds...



I have consulted with our management.


We do not want to bring matters to a head and we want to find a solution together.


Can we reach an agreement that you will leave €3,000 of the remaining amount outstanding until the outstanding points from the provisional acceptance report have been resolved?

I based my calculations on the following amounts:


  • Splash wall: €397.80

  • Kitchen plinth and any comments during our meeting on 18/12: €1000

  • Outdoor construction: €1,600


Would you also like to confirm to us that you will pay the outstanding amount immediately after solving the points in the provisional acceptance report?


I hope that we can still get through this together and look forward to the provisional delivery, December 18.


Kind regards,



Here they givefinally fully admit that they were doing the wrong thing! But I note that the amount of €1600 is far too low for the deferred works/deferred payments on the common parts!

Here too we will calculate the amountlet adjust to the actual sum of postponed works...note the fact that they have already committed infringements by claiming the full sums for the previously completed apartments!

Everyone (buyers) pays a part of these common parts... so you have the right to withhold this sum of deferred works until they have been fully carried out... otherwise you no longer have any rights (a stick behind the door ...and certainly with construction more guarantee after provisional acceptance!) to force them to have the works done as quickly as possible...since everything has already been paid for, andthe work still to be carried out can be postponed by the contractor/building promoters... as no longer urgent... because everything has already been paid for!

I also noticed from having been on the other side (it comes and goes there)... that customers need guidance/proproject managers/site managers want to do everything they can to eand delivery and to enforce full payment... even if the works have not been completely completed... in order to show their employer that they are doing well and that they have made their mistakes/to conceal blunders/mistakes or incorrect assessments... and to drastically shorten the period of late delivery (and this actually due to my own fault of poor follow-up/planning/orders, etc...) because after full payment and delivery, you no longer have any rights regarding the penalty clause, e.gYou can no longer put pressure on them to complete the work to be carried out more quicklyOpen.

You have more rights than you think!

Don't be influenced by sweet talkers and the many promises they make... but iteventually Failure to comply!

After my first reaction...they always prance...and gothey in defense by sending my customers emails (I'm already used to that...and without me in cc. ) and to make insecure...and even (on a site by a site manager) to attack a customer to threaten "that if you continue working with Noël there will be war"...where are we going...

I always remain calm and let the contractor/construction promoter know correctly that they are at fault and are acting incorrectly! If they continue to persevere after giving in many times, and a lot of patience on my part... that they must inquire about this... if necessary with their lawyer... and then still not give in... then I will force them to their knees by taking measures subject to approval and on behalf of my customers of course (apparently I am the only one who does that?...I have heard).

Eventually they all give in...they have no choice...and in some cases after my actions, only to finally realize that what they did and demanded was not correct.

They ask you that you are correct and pay correctly...then be correct yourself first...and adhere to itn the regulations of the Breyne Act and the Civil Code.

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