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Building is art... craft and craft

The goal... "to be passionate about art/craft and craft" ...and this is hard to find now...
Present: building companies... " Low budget and trying to make a lot of profit" ...takes over here now!
And I don't mean
  only on or on paper (plans)...just putting some bricks on top of each other etc...

Building is:
  "rules of good workmanship". This includes: " the whole of technical knowledge, including in the field of strength, stability, safety and functionality of construction works, acquired at a certain point in time in the construction sector." This technical knowledge – although sometimes still unwritten ( stiel and craft ) – can be found in standards ( NBN) , technical specifications ( STS ) , technical information from research centers such as the ( WTCB ) , technical literature, etc...

This can be about everything that has to do with construction, from structural work to complete finishing! Contractor and architect are expected to be aware of the rules of the art applicable at a particular time. These rules become binding by legal or regulatory anchoring, contractual anchoring or “good faith” (art. 1135 old Dutch Civil Code).
  “follows that the contractor is not only obliged to what has been expressly stipulated in the agreement with the client, but also to the execution of the assignment in accordance with the rules of the art” (Cass. 2 February 2006).

Consequently, the rules of the art must be observed at all times, even if their observance is not expressly anchored (legal, regulatory or contractual). Unfortunately, I notice too often in companies up to and including class 8... that the administrative staff such as project managers / site managers / customer guidance... have far too little experience in executive assignments and finishes according to the rule of art..." and this within the standards " well as to planning of executions, they are also far too often under too great a pressure to supervise several sites at the same time...with sometimes disastrous consequences.

I also notice that architects don't always follow up the sites properly...or even don't follow up!
  After my experience of many years at inspections as a construction expert ... I even dare to say ... that 80% of the administrative staff (project leaders / site supervisors) have too little training / knowledge and skills of construction, and this on the work floor itself. follow up on these...and to direct our own construction workers and also subcontractors with correct implementations...and to correct incorrect implementations, etc...also that customer support is not on time/or even not...the adjustments due to subsequent changes by the customer during the implementation phase  pass it on to project leaders!

The architects/engineers have an audit assignment as well as an obligation to assist the client. If they notice shortcomings during the performance of their audit assignments, they must first of all inform the client about this, in the first instance by means of site reports.
  These site reports are essential so that the architects/engineers can demonstrate that they have fulfilled their obligations for regular site inspections and that they have informed the builder about the deficiencies they have identified that were committed by the contractors and that they have corrected them! 

Smaller companies
There is also a lot of cheating (tampered with) in performances and too expensive prices charged by smaller contractors ( often foreign contractors ). The owners are in sackcloth and ashes and are deeply saddened...and also have to cough up extra money to have the poorly executed works redone! Think twice before going into business with such companies...because they can all talk nicely and promise..."before that work has started"...but then're left with a big hangover!

All the photos you see on my site are sites where I have already carried out checks at the request of private customers or the VME (Association of Co-owners) for general parts of the building.
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Completion / delayed works and late payment here


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