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Drafting an EPC


As the owner, buyer or tenant of a home, you like to enjoy pleasant living comfort.


One of our basic needs to meet that living comfort is energy.


Energy to warm the house comfortably and pleasantly or to be able to carry out our daily activities.


That energy consumption depends on the nature of the home. That is why the energy performance certificate was created.



What is an EPC certificate?  


An energy performance certificate (EPC certificate) is a document that indicates how energy-efficient your housing unit/building is. Each home is given a label for this, ranging from A+ (energy efficient) to F (energy-consuming). The EPC also shows the calculated energy score. That is the calculated energy consumption per year and per m² usable floor space (kWh/m² year).

The score your home receives depends very much on the insulation materials used in the building envelope and the technical installations that are provided.  

Why do you need an EPC certificate?


The EPC informs potential buyers or tenants in advance about the energy efficiency of the home. Based on the energy label, potential candidates can estimate whether or not a particular home will entail high energy costs.  

As a seller or landlord, you are obliged to state the energy label of your home in all advertisements you place to list your home on the market. Do you want to sell or rent out? Then you need an energy performance certificate.  


Which EPC do you need?


An energy performance certificate has been mandatory for more than 10 years when selling and renting houses, apartments and studios. Since 2020, an EPC is also mandatory for small non-residential units. These certificates are drawn up by a recognized energy expert and are divided into 'EPC construction' or 'EPC for existing home'.  

To make it easy for you when applying for your energy performance certificate, we have split our inspections per category. This way you can quickly and easily request your EPC certificate online.  


  • You can see what an EPC looks like (since 2019) in this  sample EPC (PDF)  (Existing building with residential function).

    • Since 2019, energy efficiency is also displayed with an energy label. This EPC label ranges from a red letter F (poor score) to a dark green A+ (very good score).

    • The EPC also contains recommendations on how the housing unit can be made even more energy efficient. The EPC does not impose any requirements on the building.

  • The EPC shows the energy score of the housing unit in kWh/m² (kilowatt-hours per square metre). The lower the energy score, the more energy-efficient the home is.

  • An EPC is drawn up per  housing unit  that has the necessary housing facilities to be able to function autonomously. An 'autonomous housing unit' has a living area, a private toilet, a private bath or shower, a private kitchen or kitchenette. Since 1-6-2020, every unit that is accessed via its own lockable access from the public road, a yard or a shared circulation space is considered an autonomous residential unit.

  • An EPC must be drawn up by a recognized energy expert type A.

  • An EPC is valid for 10 years.

  • You need this EPC or a valid EPC Bouw before you buy a  house, apartment, studio, ... publicly for sale or for rent  stilt.

  • Anyone renovating a home with a poor energy performance may be eligible for a  EPC label premium  or a  interest-free loan for new owners in 2021 . To prove the poor and the improved energy performance, you need EPCs.


  • The EPC must be drawn up by a type A energy expert. Consult the  list of recognized energy experts type A  .

  • The energy expert

    • makes the necessary determinations during a site visit (with compliance with the corona precautions)

    • looks at the insulation materials, the windows, the heating, ...

    • uses a government software program.

  • The energy expert may also use supporting documents. These are documents from the owner that demonstrate the presence of insulation, materials or appliances. On the  checklist (pdf)(Word file)  states which documents the owner provides to the energy expert.

  • The preparation of an EPC usually takes about half a day.



  • Have you lost the EPC? Request a duplicate from the energy expert who has drawn up the EPC.

  • Not sure whether or not an EPC has been drawn up for your home?
    Not sure which energy expert has drawn up the EPC?

    • Contact the Flemish Energy Agency via the  contact form .

    • Enclose written proof that you are the owner of the house, eg a copy of the deed or property tax.

    • The Flemish Energy Agency will provide you with a copy of the EPC (without signature of the energy expert).

    • Request a signed duplicate from the energy expert who has drawn up the EPC.



There is no fixed cost for an EPC. The price depends on the complexity of the building and the travel costs of the energy expert. It is best to compare the price and quality of different energy experts.

The seller or lessor cannot include the cost price of the EPC in the tax return.


Do you want to put a house, apartment, studio, ... publicly for sale or for rent? Then you must have an energy performance certificate (EPC).

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