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This is how you can proceed if your contractor no longer shows up…


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The contractor you call on to build or renovate your home no longer shows up on your site. What steps can you take then?  How do you protect yourself in the building contract?

Make appointments

You can protect yourself as far as possible in the building contract that you conclude with the contractor. You can do this by agreeing with the contractor within which period he must complete the work. If nothing has been agreed, your contractor must complete the work within a reasonable period of time.

You can also immediately include a sanction in case the contractor does not keep to the timing. For example, you can agree that the contractor owes you compensation if it does not complete the site on time or even that the contract can be dissolved at your request to the detriment of the contractor if it has not completed the work within the agreed period.

Send reminder

If your contractor does not keep to the timing, contact him (by telephone) in the first instance. to be finished further.  Give him a (reasonable) term for this.


If that does not help either, you can (if there is no explicit dissolution clause in the contract) go to court to request the dissolution of the contract. Enlist the services of a lawyer for this.

In certain cases, you can also determine the dissolution of the contract yourself or decide to engage another contractor. However, do not do that without first obtaining the advice of a lawyer or jurist.

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