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Mandatory from 2022 when selling your home: the asbestos test

Do you want to sell a house that was built before 2001?


Then from 2022 you must submit an asbestos test to potential buyers. And by 2032, every owner must have such a certificate.


Are you renting out a property? In that case, as the owner, you must provide the tenant with a copy in the future. 

Construction site Livios  list all the facts.

Asbestat test mandatory for sellers by 2022

From 2022, an asbestos test will be mandatory for those who sell their home older than 2001.


An asbestos expert will draw up an inventory and register it in the OVAM database. Based on this, you will receive a valid asbestos inventory certificate from OVAM. This states which materials or parts of your home contain asbestos, what the condition of the asbestos is and how you can safely manage or remove it.


By 2032, every owner must have such a certificate. Attention: when renting, the owner will have to provide the tenants with a copy of this certificate.

Asbestos removal

If you are going to carry out a (total) renovation, it is therefore important to consider asbestos.


Consult your architect and ensure that you safely remove accessible asbestos applications. That way you avoid that the applications become inaccessible again and the next owners are left with them.


Do you want to remove asbestos in a safe way?  

How to remove asbestos?

BY EDITORS LIVIOS:  Then follow this step-by-step plan .

Are you afraid that asbestos may be released and do you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible? Or do you want it  remove moss  on your slate roof? Then realize that this is not without danger. Leave this work to specialists who have the necessary knowledge and protective equipment.

In good condition? Stay away, but…

When materials containing asbestos are still in good condition, it is usually recommended to stay away from them. However, they can still become dangerous over time. If you see that these materials are damaged or weathered, it is best to intervene.

Caution is key here. Do not grind, drill, break or knock yourself, which may release carcinogenic substances. In such a case, call on a recognized asbestos remover. The price you pay for this does not outweigh the possible negative consequences.

Do not treat with high pressure…

Solar panels  laying on a roof containing asbestos is also out of the question. In such a case, it is better to have your roofing replaced with a new, asbestos-free material.

In addition, de-moss removal or cleaning of a material containing asbestos is not without danger. It is certainly not recommended to handle these materials with the  pressure washer . The force of the water jet releases a high concentration of asbestos fibers.

… and certainly not reuse

It goes without saying, but don't reuse any of these materials either. The slightest treatment can release these fibers.

You can remove corrugated sheets that are easy to unscrew yourself in a responsible manner. To prevent fibers from being released, gently spray the material wet. Then carefully remove the material. Do not use grinding wheels or breakers here and make sure that everything remains intact and does not break.

If you are removing asbestos indoors, ensure good ventilation and clean everything thoroughly afterwards.


Not with the vacuum cleaner, because it blows any fibers back into the air. Disposable clothing is also recommended, so that you certainly do not bring harmful particles back inside.

To container park?

You can go to the container park of your municipality for free with a limited amount of asbestos waste. It is possible that they refuse large quantities. It is therefore best to inquire in advance with the intermunicipal company or with the environmental department of your municipality.

Only so-called bonded asbestos cement in good condition is welcome. Your asbestos waste must always remain separate from the rest of your (demolition) waste. It should also not be loose or difficult to remove asbestos.


In that case, a recognized asbestos remover will take care of the disposal of the material. Finally, you can also call on collectors registered for asbestos waste.

Infographic: where can you encounter asbestos?

Recognition: Asbestos: companies recognized for demolition or removal works

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