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You can do this if you become a victim of neighbor nuisance

Give a reaction / real estate law / By adv. Jan Roodhooft

Your neighbors are particularly noisy or your neighbor's trees block the sunlight from your garden. Or your neighbors have some dogs that howl and bark all day long. What steps can you take in that case?

The law says that neighboring owners each have a right to use and enjoy their property. In exercising this, however, they may not impose a nuisance on the neighbor that exceeds the normal inconveniences of the neighborhood and which is attributable to the nuisance neighbour.

A good conversation

If your neighbor is guilty of excessive neighbor nuisance, it is advisable to address this to your neighbour. He may not even be aware of the nuisance. If a conversation does not help and you do not come to a solution, you can then send a registered letter in which you ask to stop the nuisance and to take the necessary measures.

Reconciliation procedure

If your registered letter does not help either, you can start a conciliation procedure with the justice of the peace. Such a procedure is free.  You don't necessarily have to hire a lawyer for it either. Be aware that if you do not come to a solution with the justice of the peace (or your neighbor does not show up), he will not rule and will only draw up a PV of non-reconciliation.

File a complaint

The nuisance activity can sometimes be prohibited in e.g. local police regulations.


You can also always start a 'real' procedure with the justice of the peace. You can then ask, for example, that the court orders the nuisance-causing activity to stop or that your neighbor is obliged to take the necessary measures to limit or eliminate the nuisance. You can also ask for compensation if necessary. If you want to conduct such a procedure, it is best to call on the services of a lawyer.

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