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Sales conditions

1.  Unless expressly provided otherwise in the agreement, the following general terms and conditions govern all relations with VG Expert Bvba.


2. All invoices from VG Expert Bvba are to be paid in cash and without discounts, unless otherwise agreed, on the financial account stated on the invoices. The acceptance of bills of exchange does not result in a claim.  


3. The expert reports will only be delivered after payment of the full service fee by all mandated parties.  


4. In the event that payment is allowed after delivery of the expert report, the relevant invoice must also be paid in cash, without discounts, unless otherwise agreed. A late payment will incur an interest of 15% from the due date. This interest is due by operation of law if the payment date is exceeded without prior notice of default being required. If, even after a written reminder, no payment is made within 10 days, the amount of the invoice will be progressively increased with an irreducible compensation calculated as follows: 15% on the first tranche of 12,500 EUR, 10% on what exceeds 12,500 EUR , with a minimum of 125 EUR.  


5. If the customer has not paid an invoice or bill of exchange on the due date, VG Expert Bvba reserves the right to stop the work completely, not to continue to deliver or to perform services, without any prior notice. There will be no right of recourse, nor any right to compensation from the customer for this stoppage, nor for delay in the execution of the works resulting from this stoppage. On the contrary, VG Expert Bvba has the right to claim compensation from the customer due to discontinuation of the works and deliveries, in particular a fixed compensation of 50% of the invoice amount of the remaining orders.  

6. With a view to executing the assignment, the client and service provider must make all current necessary and useful data and documents available to VG Expert Bvba so that it can make a correct estimate of the scope and execution of the assignment. The client and service provider are solely liable for the content of the information and documents supplied by them. Unless otherwise agreed, VG Expert Bvba does not guarantee any form of exclusivity.



7. The client undertakes to reimburse VG Expert's services in accordance with the fixed rates or otherwise agreed.


8. Hourly rate runs from arrival at the yard. A minimum amount of €300.00 will always be charged for very limited services.


9. The assignment includes: site visit, investigation of the defects, suggestions for solutions, advice, reporting,

possible mediation.


10. The assignment is not an obligation of result, but an obligation of means. VG Expert will carry out the assignment to the best of its ability

ability and with maximum effort, but without guarantee of results.


11. Performances provided under this agreement are made in the capacity of an advisory construction expert and never

as an architect. The 10-year liability of the architect and contractor (art. 1792 of the Civil Code) does not apply to this contract.


12. VG Expert is a technical consultancy and does not provide legal advice. From its experience, VG Expert can provide information

about legal proceedings, but this is for informational purposes only and is not binding. The client must be informed by a lawyer about the legal aspects of construction disputes.


13. Advice is only given on technical matters. Defects of an aesthetic nature are

not examined us ; this is the competence of the architect.


14. The client gives VG Expert permission to use general information and photo material obtained during the

expertise, anonymously and without reference to the location, to be used in folders and/or websites. The client can withdraw this permission at any time upon demonstrable written request.

Description of place.

15. If the customer does not formulate any comments in writing about the expertise within 8 days of receipt of the report from the expert of VG Expert Bvba, this is considered to be the customer's agreement with the delivery and services received. If the parties do not make any comments within 8 days of receipt of the inventory report by the expert of VG Expert Bvba, both parties are considered to agree with the contents of the inventory report. Comments addressed to VG Expert Bvba about the contents of the report of the inventory can only be added to the report if the parties both agree in writing with these comments. It is up to the parties EITHER to reach this mutual and written agreement on the comments about the content of the inventory report before submitting the comments to VG Expert Bvba, OR it is up to the (landlord) lessee to send a registered letter with to address an additional statement to the (landlord) lessee with which the counterparty agrees by not replying to the letter.  


16. To be valid, complaints must be submitted in writing within eight days of delivery. In the absence of a written complaint within eight days after delivery, deliveries and services are considered to be accepted. Comments or additions from partners or parties to inventory records are not considered complaints and are therefore not a valid reason to postpone the payment of the invoices of VG Expert Bvba.  


17.VG Expert Bvba has the right to share the expert reports anonymously, ie without identifying the customer or his principal, with third parties.


18. Expertises can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours before execution. Cancellation of surveys less than 48 hours before execution are only free of charge if it concerns force majeure, including death of the applicant, hospitalization or nursing home of the applicant, deprivation of liberty of the applicant, bankruptcy of the applicant or changed availability of the property to be surveyed due to sale of or seizure of the property to be assessed. In all other cases the cancellation is invalid and the client is obliged to pay the fee of 250 euros excl. VAT per ordered expertise as indicated by VG Expert Bvba.  


19. For the determination of the expertise cost, VG Expert Bvba bases itself on the areas to be inspected specified by the client. For all surveys, the area to be checked is the sum, per building layer, of all areas of all rooms that need to be surveyed. Additional costs are charged for checking detached outbuildings (garages, sheds, etc.) and additional installations (swimming pools, etc.). If, after the assessment has been carried out, it appears that the area measured and thus checked by the expert is greater than that stated by the client when ordering, the client must pay a higher amount than indicated in the confirmation on the order form. The client will receive an additional or adjusted invoice for this. The client confirms the total checked area of the expertise by signing the attendance list presented by the expert. By signing the attendance list, the client or his representative also confirms his or her agreement with the inspection costs to be paid according to the invoice and with the sales conditions in their entirety.  


20. The nullity of one of the sales conditions does not mean that the whole of the sales conditions is null and void.


21. Only the courts of Antwerp are competent to settle disputes in connection with these sales conditions of VG Expert Bvba.  


22. Hourly rates: VG Expert Bvba carries out its expertise as standard on weekdays between 08h00 and 17h00 for 125€. For assessments on weekdays after 6 pm at €150, assessments on Saturday at €200, assessments on Sunday at €250. Rates are exclusive of VAT.


23. The notified start time of the expertise is indicative. Due to force majeure, the expert can always be later than foreseen. If the expert can foresee that he will be late, you will be notified. From the scheduled time of the start of the assessment, the expert always has 1 full hour to report to the location of the assessment without any notification. Registrations within the hour after the scheduled time of the start of the expertise are considered to be on time. If the customer or the customer's representative leaves the location of the survey within one hour after the scheduled time of commencement of the survey, the customer is obliged to pay compensation as provided for in the sales conditions of VG Expert Bvba.  


24. The costs for rescheduling an assignment, at the request of the customer, after the original confirmation of the date and time by VG Expert Bvba to the customer, is 25 euros.  


25. The costs for the translation of a report or for the delivery of bilingual reports (eg NL for the tenant and FR for the landlord) amount to 245 euros per expertise. With PBs, this cost is divided between the tenant and the landlord.


VG Expert Bvba requests payment when the expertise is performed or upon delivery of the expertise report.

Are you ordering for your own account?

If you order for your own account, make the payment in time so that we can send you the report of your inspection quickly.

Are you ordering for others?

If you order for others, ask them to pay on time. Place descriptions for rental are only delivered after all parties, tenant and landlord, have paid their part of the place description.

Payment method

You can pay by bank transfer.

You will always receive an invoice.

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