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Kindergarteners Pius X move into new building: “A bliss!”


The Pius X toddlers at the Kruisbaan in Mechelen experienced their first day of school in 2020 completely different from last year. Not just because of corona: from now on they will be taught in brand new school buildings.

The new school replaced the decrepit classrooms that were there before. The works were running  some delay due to the corona pandemic.

Even on 1 September, the school was still not completely finished – toys, a shelter and a bicycle shed are yet to be completed – but the toddlers were already able to move in.

What a difference with the containers they had to use until last school year. “It is a bliss to be able to open such a school”, laughs director Hilde Dewulf. “It really is a night and day difference. This is pure luxury compared to how it was before, a dream for every teacher.”




Each class was decorated according to a theme – in the first year, for example, a mural by Jules adorns the walls – and has its own sanitary facilities. Thanks to underfloor heating, no radiators stand in the way of the corner effect.

There are four classes, so there is now also a separate class for beginners. The teachers have a staff room for the first time. “It is of course a pity that we cannot have a festive opening. To get them used to it, the children and their parents were allowed to come and have a look last week.”

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