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Who provides the burden of proof according to the Buildwise implementation method (WTCB)?

Many construction promoters and contractors too often impose on my clients the burden of proof of Buildwise (WTCB) in the event of a dispute about implementation and permitted deviations!

Let's be clear!

My clients are not members of Buildwise, nor do they have any knowledge of it, nor any obligations to know or fully know it, let alone consult it (they also have no access to this detailed information)!

It is up to the building promoter and contractor to fully know or consult them and not the other way around... they build... and they are the professionals... and they are members of this organization, and in the event of disputes they can only appeal do on Buildwise...and not my Clients!


List of execution methods

Buildwise uitvoeringsmethode (WTCB)

Buildwise (WTCB)

Buildwise (WTCB)  deel 2

Op een licht hellend terrein is de situatie vergelijkbaar met de 'toegankelijke' detailleringen (zie detail nr. 4.1, TV 264 p. 58), waarbij de waterdichtheid van het ingegraven deel verzekerd wordt door middel van een membraan met gelaste of gelijmde naden dat opgetrokken wordt tot boven het hoogste niveau van de verharding of de aanaarding rond het gebouw. 

Schermafbeelding 2024-03-28 204328.png

Septic drains

Since July 1, 2011, an inspection of the private sewerage system has been mandatory for new construction or major work on your waste and/or rainwater drain pipes. Private sewerage means: your pipes for water drainage up to the connection to the public sewerage system.

Rainwater drainage

Every household produces waste water. Just think of the water from the sanitary installation, from the kitchen, from the washing machine, ... Domestic waste water must be purified throughout Flanders.

Rainwater from your roof or other paved surfaces is best left on site as much as possible. You can reuse it or let it infiltrate into the soil. Do you still have to dispose of it? Then keep the rainwater separated from the wastewater.


Cracks in plasterwork (Buildwise)

How can cracks in interior plaster at the junction between the wall and the ceiling be avoided?

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